With professional backgrounds in architecture, city planning, and engineering, as well as hands-on experience with countless projects, our attorneys understand construction from all angles and advise clients on the full range of construction-related issues. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes emphasized the importance of experience, stating "the life of the law has not been logic; it has been experience." Unlike Justice Holmes, we believe both logic and experience are indispensable, and our construction experience includes:
  • Contract negotiation and drafting for projects ranging from small residential additions to multi-billion dollar industrial facilities
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution on issues including payment disputes, acceleration and delay claims, construction/design defects, materials failures, terminations, differing site conditions, structural failures, and bid protests
  • Materialmen’s and mechanics’ liens, payment and performance bonds, lien discharge bonds, and payment remedies such as the Prompt Pay Act and Consumer Protection Act
  • Contractor licensing, workers compensation, environmental, government procurement, and other regulatory issues

Chambliss attorneys have also consulted on other construction and development topics, including LEED standards, sustainable design and construction, building information modeling (BIM), project financing, and related matters.


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