Companies seek Chambliss patent lawyers for all matters relating to the preparation and prosecution of patent applications and patent-related litigation in the United States and internationally. Chambliss patent lawyers prepare and prosecute patent applications in various technical disciplines and help their clients navigate the foreign and domestic standards for patentability. In addition, lawyers assist clients in developing strategies for obtaining and protecting valuable intellectual property assets.

Among the services provided are the following:

  • Evaluate the potential patentability of inventions
  • Prepare and prosecute both national and (with the assistance of foreign lawyers) international patent applications, including provisional, utility, design and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications
  • Counsel clients and prepare opinion letters regarding infringement and validity of patents and patentability of inventions
  • Represent clients in litigation and appeal process involving patent infringement, validity, licensing and related matters
  • Negotiate and prepare licensing, nondisclosure, employment/invention and other related agreements

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