Settled claims for violations of stormwater regulations In a representative case, Chambliss’ investigation of the facts showed that another landowner was responsible for one significant problem and that other conditions that were the subject of a Commissioner’s Order had been fully resolved After filing an appeal, Chambliss helped the client avoid all of the remedial aspects of the Order and settle the civil penalty assessment on favorable terms

Negotiated settlements of notices of violations under air, water, toxic substances and hazardous waste statutes

Negotiated settlements of cost recovery claims under federal and state superfund statutes

Completed multi-media environmental compliance assessments in several business sectors

Developed compliance programs and training

Drafted scopes of work for environmental professionals, focusing on priority risks and issues, and assistance in the oversight of environmental assessment work Chambliss assisted in reducing the cost of a six-figure environmental assessment by more than one-third

Obtained construction and operating permits for industrial and land development clients

Obtained approval of cost-effective brownfields agreements for redevelopment of former industrial sites

Developed and implemented negotiation strategies for limitation of seller responsibility for environmental risks and liabilities

Successfully defended superfund claims at trial and appellate court levels against a municipality that had used a lease arrangement to help finance an industrial development project. The appellate decision confirmed a broad interpretation of lender liability protections under the federal superfund law Monarch Tile, Inc. v. City of Florence, 212 F.3d 1219 (11th Cir 2000).