Elder Care Litigation and Long-Term Care Defense

Chambliss lawyers know that lawsuits are costly distractions and that consumer health care providers' valuable resources are better spent advancing resident care. The firm’s role is to eliminate these distractions for clients as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. The firm represents a broad range of elder care clients, including but not limited to acute care hospitals, assisted living facilities and long-term care facilities.

Drafting and Enforcing Arbitration Agreements
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can offer financial security to healthcare providers by insulating them from overly burdensome discovery procedures, and unwanted litigation.

Chambliss lawyers have front-line experience defending against challenges to arbitration agreements, and have advocated for their enforcement before the Tennessee Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal. The firm’s experience has also proven invaluable when drafting ADR Agreements — Chambliss lawyers anticipate the challenges before they are made.

Efficient Discovery
Discovery in elder care and long-term care litigation can be complex, time consuming and expensive. Chambliss understands each client's unique needs, and effectively streamlines every response while protecting proprietary and privileged information.

Trial Advocacy
Chambliss lawyers are willing and able to prepare for trial from day one, and can take even the toughest cases to trial. Most recently, the firm’s litigation team defended to a successful jury verdict a case involving catastrophic brain injury requiring 24/7 care, where the plaintiffs demanded $22 million in damages.

Complex Litigation
The firm’s lawyers also understand the nuances of defending very complex cases. Elder care and long-term care litigation frequently challenges the propriety of care rendered over months and years. Lawyers deliver a reasoned, planned and strategic response to all claims.

Chambliss lawyers are committed to providing detailed and objective case evaluations when and how our clients want them. In this way we enable our clients to make informed decisions on case strategy.