Our Intellectual Property attorneys advise inventors on all patent-related matters including the identification of inventions, the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, the licensing of patents, and patent-related litigation both in the United States and in foreign countries. Our patent lawyers prepare and prosecute patent applications in a broad range of technical disciplines including mechanical, electrical, and chemical and help our clients navigate the domestic and foreign standards for patentability. In addition, our Intellectual Property attorneys assist clients in developing strategic plans for protecting their inventions and enforcing their patent rights against infringers.

Among the services provided are the following:
  • Evaluate the potential patentability of inventions
  • Prepare and prosecute both domestic and foreign patent applications, including provisional, utility, design and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications
  • Negotiate and prepare license, nondisclosure, and other IP-related agreements
  • Counsel clients and prepare opinion letters regarding the infringement and validity of patents and the patentability of inventions
  • Represent clients in litigation involving patent infringement, validity, licensing, and related matters