Government Affairs and Public Policy

Beyond a company’s customer base, government influence can often be the deciding factor in an organization’s economic value and development plan. Ranging from contract negotiations, corporate mergers, or public-private partnerships to business disputes and construction projects, government can play a crucial role in the equation. Regardless of a company's size or scope, legislation at the local, state, and national levels can be the key that opens or closes doors.

In the face of this ever-growing influence, it’s important for our clients to have a partner who will keep them informed, serve as a trusted advisor, and get them in front of key policymakers who may ultimately affect their bottom line.

At Chambliss, we start by listening to our clients. No two businesses are the same and neither are their government relations needs. Our team’s first priority is to understand our clients' businesses, goals, and current and prospective challenges before formulating a tailored government affairs strategy that will empower them to see their objectives through and increase their competitive advantage.

Our services include:

  • Customized issue identification
  • Political risk evaluation
  • Real-time monitoring of statutory and regulatory changes
  • Timely client updates
  • Informed consultation on government affairs
  • Counsel regarding economic development incentives
  • Regulatory and legislative drafting services
  • An extensive network of governmental contacts
  • Direct advocacy to key policy-makers
  • PAC formation and fundraising programs

Regardless of the issue at hand — informed, strategic advice is only a phone call away. 

Your Watchdog. 

Our team ensures our clients stay current on industry standards, policy changes, and shifts within the regulatory environment that affect their businesses. We keep our clients up-to-date by: 

  • Delivering real-time updates, including in-session newsletters
  • Analyzing the implications of legislation and regulations
  • Monitoring the legislative process and progress of targeted legislative activities
  • Assessing industry regulations and trends

Your Counselor.

With years of experience working in Nashville and Washington, D. C., we know how government works and how we can make government work for our clients. As regulatory climates change each year, our attorneys provide customized counsel:

  • Developing strategies in line with our clients' missions
  • Proactive planning
  • Drafting industry-specific legislation and negotiating policy
  • Reviewing and ensuring compliance that minimizes disruption to our clients' businesses

Your Advocate. 

Our goal is to work effectively for our clients with government officials by putting the knowledge, resources, and contacts they need directly in their hands. Leveraging the relationships we have forged through years of working alongside chief policymakers and government aids, we ensure their message is heard by decision-makers. We open the door for our clients with:

  • Federal and state agencies and commissions
  • State executive branch
  • State and local congressional delegation
  • City councils
  • County officials
  • Community leaders