Chambliss’ Environmental and Energy Law Group focuses on compliance counseling, transactional advice, development of practical solutions to environmental problems, and representation of clients' interests in environmental enforcement actions and litigation.

Chambliss’ services include:

Compliance Counseling
Chambliss assists clients in complying with environmental requirements with practical and cost-effective compliance programs. Chambliss lawyers regularly complete environmental assessments for clients, develop strategies, and design programs to meet air, water, hazardous waste, and other environmental requirements. Additionally, the firm develops and provides training and reference materials for many client compliance programs, and lawyers identify permitting needs and help clients prepare permit applications and renewals.

Transactional Advice
Environmental risks and regulatory requirements should be promptly identified and addressed for any transaction involving real estate or operating assets. Chambliss lawyers work with buyers and sellers and their environmental professionals to focus on relevant issues to avoid unnecessary time and expense. When assessments are complete, Chambliss helps clients understand the practical implications and helps design solutions to any problems that are identified. Chambliss has extensive experience in structuring agreements to allocate responsibility for both known environmental issues and unknown environmental risks.

Practical Solutions
Chambliss works with clients to develop and implement cost-effective solutions to environmental problems. The Chambliss lawyers regularly help clients obtain the ability to market and develop brownfield sites, even those with extensive contamination from historic uses.

Enforcement Actions and Litigation
The litigation experience of Chambliss' environmental lawyers permit development of cost-effective litigation or settlement strategies for clients faced with environmental enforcement actions or litigation. The firm has helped design and obtain approval of a variety of alternative settlement approaches, including the use of Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs). The firm has represented clients on environmental matters before EPA and state environmental agencies in Tennessee and other states, as well as in local courts in Chattanooga and Hamilton County and in state and federal trial and appellate courts throughout the United States.