Antitrust, Trade Regulation, and Product Distribution

With today’s digital technology and growing domestic and global economies, understanding ever-changing trade regulations, product distribution and marketing-related laws can be challenging for American businesses. The business lawyers at Chambliss can help clients comprehend domestic and international regulations, pricing, joint venture and other distribution arrangements.

Chambliss business lawyers advise clients on issues related to distribution arrangements regionally throughout the Southeast, nationally and internationally. The section prepares distribution and licensing agreements for such arrangements, and advises clients on matters such as permissible marketing practices, compliance with consumer protection laws, and distributor/dealer termination situations. Through the resources of Meritas, the firm is able to offer counsel on laws affecting distribution throughout the United States and the world.

Chambliss lawyers represent clients in connection with federal and state antitrust matters, such as:

  • Agreements and programs affecting resale prices, such as minimum advertised price programs
  • Monopolization issues
  • Price discrimination issues
  • Relationships between competitors
  • Territorial restraints
  • The FTC/DOJ merger review process, including Hart-Scott-Rodino Act filings and compliance

Chambliss’ services include:

  • Business opportunity law compliance
  • Franchise definition and exemption issues — i.e., "Is this business a franchise?"
  • Franchise termination issues
  • FTC Franchise Rule compliance
  • State franchise law registration and compliance
  • UFOC preparation and maintenance