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Elder Law Newsletter - February 2019 Legal Update


Chambliss Elder Law Newsletter is a bi-monthly e-newsletter of legal developments and other trends of vital interest to seniors and their advocates. This newsletter is brought to you by Leah McElmoyl and other members of the Elder Law Practice Group of Chambliss Law Firm.


Chambliss Law Firm Monthly Editorial

The Family Storage Unit Dilemma

by Amy Boulware, Care Manager (LAP MSW)


My husband and I recently took our daughters to the storage unit we rent. This was an exciting adventure. You see, we have had this storage unit filled with things since my mother and grandmother passed away. We have been keeping these "treasures" stored away for when our daughters started their adult lives and would be furnishing homes of their own. The unit was filled to the ceiling with everything from furniture to knickknacks. When we packed these things away nine years ago, I'm sure that the method for organizing made sense to us. Pile all of the boxes filled with things on one side and the furniture on the other, and then just shove everything else into the crevices. Things were stacked in a Jenga-type tower that threatened to come tumbling down if we moved one thing in the wrong direction. Have any of you had similar experiences? [Click to read the full article.]

Last Year for Couples to Use 'Claim Now, Claim More Later' Social Security Strategy

This is the last year that spouses who are turning full retirement age can choose whether to take spousal benefits or to take benefits on their own record.

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Costs of New Long-Term Care Insurance Policies Vary Considerably

We’ve all heard the advice “It pays to shop around,” but this has never been more true than with the current market for long-term care insurance.

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Guns and Dementia: Dealing With A Loved One's Firearms 

Having a loved one with dementia can be scary, but if you add in a firearm, it can also get dangerous.  To prevent harm to both the individual with dementia and others, it is important to plan ahead for how to deal with any weapons.

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