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Elder Law Newsletter - February 2018 Legal Update


Chambliss Elder Law Newsletter is a bi-monthly e-newsletter of legal developments and other trends of vital interest to seniors and their advocates. This newsletter is brought to you by Peter Harrison and other members of the Elder Law Practice Group of Chambliss Law Firm.


Chambliss Law Firm Monthly Editorial

Can't We All Just Get Along for Mom?
by Amy Boulware, Care Manager, (LAP MSW)
I am the second child in a family of three kids. My entire life I have heard the story of the day I was born. My mom always told me that I was born on a beautiful sunny day in March. The birds were singing, the tulips were blooming, and it was unseasonably warm in Chicago.  When telling me this story, my mom would also remind me that both of my siblings were born in Chicago blizzards in the heart of winter. I'm not sure if the weather in any way foreshadows the type of person you will be, but my mom would tell you that I came into this world calmly and have always had a sunny disposition. 
From the moment I was born, my older brother was not happy with me joining the family. He was the first son and grandson on both sides. You can imagine that for the three years before I was born, he was the center of the universe and didn't like having any attention taken away from him. My younger sister came three years after me, and it seemed like she and I had a natural alliance. He picked on us, and we bonded together as a team against him. 
Sibling dynamics are complicated and interesting at every stage of life. And, even though we are adults that doesn't mean that those sibling issues just go away. In fact, as a geriatric social worker, I often see long-buried feelings come back to the surface, particularly when parents are aging, facing illness, and – yes – even dying. ‚Äč[Click to read the full story and 6 Tips for Working Through Adult Sibling Dynamics.]



New Medicare Card - Potential for Scams
  • Between now and April 2019, new Medicare cards will be issued to replace old cards having Social Security numbers on them due to the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act.
  • Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia residents' cards will be mailed after June 2018.
  • There is no charge for the new cards.
  • Note: the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Social Security office employees do not call unless they have been contacted first.
  • Please be cautious of anyone calling or emailing about replacing Medicare cards.
  • If you have questions, please contact Sally Brewer or Amy Boulware of our elder law team.
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Home Health Care Patients With Chronic Conditions Are Having Trouble Getting Medicare

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What Happens When a Nursing Home Closes?

A nursing home closure can be traumatic for residents who are forced to move. Although there may not be much that can be done to prevent a closure, residents do have some rights. Read more ->

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Costs of Some New Long-Term Care Insurance Policies Going Down in 2018

While long-term care insurance costs are up in general, some policies are going down in price, according to the 2018 Long Term Care Insurance Price Index, an annual report from the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance. Read more ->