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Brad Davis Submits Brief, Tennessee Court of Appeals Overturns Ruling on Fraud Claim Against Truck Manufacturer


Chambliss shareholder Brad Davis recently worked with the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry to submit a brief in support of Tennessee-based truck manufacturer, Navistar, Inc., in a fraud dispute following a fleet sale. The Milan v. Navistar, Inc. case involved a fleet of trucks manufactured by Navistar that Milan purchased but later claimed were defective and not as Navistar had advertised. The brief Brad wrote urged the Court of Appeals to hold that fraud is not an appropriate claim in a dispute involving the quality of goods sold.

In a unanimous decision, the Court agreed and ruled that Milan's claims for fraud and punitive damages were not permissible and that Milan's remedies were limited only to those available under the law of contracts and warranties. This ruling overturned a $31 million trial-court verdict against Navistar.

Brad is a member of Chambliss’ litigation and labor and employment sections. He represents numerous manufacturers and other businesses in litigation and transactional matters. For an inside look at his experience in this area, please visit his bio.