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Leah McElmoyl Selected for Alabama Statewide Leadership Program


Leah McElmoyl has been selected for the Alabama Farmers Federation's Agricultural Leaders for Alabama (A.L.F.A.) program. Leah is one of 17 professionals chosen. She was selected for her communication skills; understanding of agricultural trends and issues; leadership skills; and interest in service beyond participants’ own self interest. The program is an intensive, two-year learning experience, including an advocacy experience in Washington, D.C., covering topics such as agribusiness, public policy, and farm organizations. 

Leah is honored and excited to be chosen for  the A.L.F.A. program:  "I look forward to further developing my leadership and communication skills, as well as learning more about the Alabama Farmers Federation, an organization that supports farmers and agribusiness all across the state." Leah is an estate planning attorney for Chambliss and assists clients in a variety of matters including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, special needs planning, and elder care.