Startup and Emerging Companies

Since its beginning, Chambliss has fostered the growth of great ideas. While nurturing entrepreneurs’ vision for a better way, Chambliss brings strategic counsel to help clients navigate new business development and build growth.

Through the years, Chambliss has provided legal counsel to a wide range of visionaries. In the 1970s, a young engineer reached out to one of the firm’s lawyers for legal counsel. Today, Astec Industries, Inc. has grown into an international, publicly-traded company that has revolutionized rock crushers, mining equipment, asphalt plants and drilling rigs. The organization’s second generation of leadership still seeks Chambliss for its pragmatic approach and fierce commitment to client service. This is one of many examples of Chambliss’ clients who have established fledgling businesses that have grown into powerful economic entities.

To continue the tradition, Chambliss created the Startup Group in 2011 to celebrate, inspire and promote other entrepreneurs in pursing their visions. The group helps clients remove legal obstacles between dreams and successes.

Throughout the year, the Chambliss Startup Group hosts a series of social, networking events at area downtown locations to build camaraderie and celebrate new ideas.

Stay connected by visiting the Chambliss Startup Group website.





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