Global Reach - Meritas

As a key element of client commitment, Chambliss enhances its reach globally through affiliation with Meritas. With this membership, Chambliss is part of a worldwide alliance of more than 180 independent law firms in more than 70 countries. The collaboration enables firms to share legal expertise and leverage international resources to further enhance quality legal service for clients.

Admission to Meritas is exclusive and by invitation only, following a thorough process that meticulously evaluates firms, lawyers and their services. Typically only one Meritas firm is selected in each major metropolitan area. Chambliss, a long-standing Meritas member, is the only firm in East Tennessee to be a part of this trusted alliance.

The Meritas membership allows Chambliss to serve clients as a locally-based, regional legal partner with deep national and international resources. For more information on this unique and highly-selective organization, please visit Meritas.


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