Fiercely Loyal

How has Chambliss prospered for more than 130 years? 

By anticipating our clients' concerns and needs from their perspective. We understand the financial, industry and legal environments in which our clients operate, and team with them to prevent or minimize threats and capitalize on business opportunities. We relate to what keeps a client up at night. It keeps us up at night, too.

Being nimble, we continually adapt our services to meet our clients' increasingly complex and challenging needs. We know that issues arise without warning, and we are available, day or night, to offer perspective, solutions and guidance. Our clients know that this accessibility and expertise shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg – and it doesn’t at Chambliss.

Our firm is designed for you.

That's what Fiercely Loyal means to each individual lawyer - your goals and work, your commitments and passions - we will adopt them as our own. And it won't be artificial. It's how we genuinely feel.

Meet "Jac"

Our black Labrador is named "Jac" after our beloved late partner, Jac Chambliss, who exemplified all the qualities about client service and loyalty that Chambliss clients and we hold dear.