White Collar Criminal Defense

The phrase white collar crime was initially coined in 1939 during a presentation to the American Sociological Society. However, a lot has changed since its development. Corporations and their officers, directors, and employees face increased government oversight. It is important to understand these laws and regulations when developing compliance programs, and when responding to investigations, or alleged violations.

With an interdisciplinary approach and hands-on civil, criminal and regulatory experience, Chambliss lawyers represent and defend corporations and individuals confronted with white collar criminal investigations. Lawyers work to find solutions while minimizing business interruptions to assist clients in overcoming these challenges.

Chambliss’ services include:

  • Corporate compliance programs
  • Internal investigations
  • Governmental criminal and administrative investigations
  • Criminal litigation and defense
  • Representation before the grand juries
  • Parallel proceedings, including administrative enforcement proceedings and forfeiture of assets